Power of Attorney (POA) Notarization 24/7-365

A power of attorney is a document that allows you to name someone else to make decisions for you either immediately, or only if you are unable to make decisions for yourself, based upon your state's laws. There are many different types of power of attorneys and it is always best to consult an attorney in your state when creating a POA. If you’re on a budget there are websites like LegalZoom or RocketLawyer that can walk you through the process. Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile is not a law firm and cannot give legal advice but recommends that you plan ahead. Don’t wait, it may be too late! At Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile we have notarized hundreds of POA’s and can tell you horror stories. Financial institutions have an oblation to protect themselves and their clients. They have been known to reject power of attorneys based the wording. Protect yourself by creating a POA today and submitting it to your financial institution for approval before its too late.

Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile provides mobile Notary Public services to hospitals, jails, nursing homes or any 3rd party location. We can receive your POA via email or fax, print it and bring it to you anywhere in South Florida for signing. Then we will notarize and forward it to your recipient via messenger or FedEx.

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