Loan Signing

(Information for Lenders, Title Companies, Attorneys and Mortgage Broker Businesses)

Last minute closing requests that require e-mailed loan packages are never a problem.

We will provide contracted services to lenders, title companies, real estate attorney's and mortgage broker businesses. Once a fee schedule has been agreed to between Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile and the client prior to accepting an assignment. An itemized invoice for services rendered will accompany all returned loan documents unless waived by the title company. Copies of all invoices are kept on file and are payable net 30 days from the signing date.

Loan Types and Services

Real Estate signings include, but are not limited to: FL Hardest-Hit Fund (UMAP or MLRP), Refinancing, Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC), Home Equity Conversion Mortgages (HECM), Cash Sales and Cash Purchases, VA, FHA, Home Improvement Loans, Property Tax Deferral (PTD) loans, Deferred Payment Loans (DPL) and Proprietary Reverse Mortgages.

Specific, fee-based services include:

    Standard Signing
    Second & Third Signings
    Borrower Copies
    Extra Copies
    Faxing Back (max 5)
    Additional Signatures
    Additional Mileage

Our primary clients are title companies, mortgage brokerage businesses private or hard money lenders and out-of-state attorneys. The fees are very reasonable. Please call us if you have a signing need.

Preparation for Signing

After receipt of the loan document package, Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile will call the borrower immediately to confirm. Then our certified notary signing agent will go through the package and familiarize themselves with its content and borrower-specific closing instructions (pay stubs, VOID checks for EFTs, photocopies of ID, pen color, etc.). Documents may also be sent directly to borrower.

All borrowers are contacted immediately after Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile receives a work order or confirmation from the title company or mortgage broker business to:

·         Confirm the appointment day and time
·         Introduce Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile to explain our role in the loan signing process
·         Confirm the borrower(s) desire to proceed with the signing
·         Convey acceptable identifying documents for signers
·         Remind signers of the need for a third party witness for the mortgage
·         Validate that the borrower has the required funds, in acceptable format, as required by the HUD
·         Provide Notary Services of Pompano Beach 24/7 & Mobile contact information

Printing of eDocs

Appointments will always be confirmed with the borrower prior to the printing of eDocs. If a signing is canceled by the borrower after the eDocs are printed, there will be a printing fee. We try to save everyone time and money. We print your loan document package/file using a network connected, high speed, two-drawer Brother laser printer. If your file is a PDF and has embedded page size information (letter/legal), your loan package will be printed on the page sizes specified in the file.
Signing Status & Tracking Number

We will contact the client (e.g. Title Company, Mortgage Broker Business) immediately after the signing to convey status and forward a Confirmation Fax with closing and reference information, including carrier and tracking number. Documents are shipped, per client instructions, using their UPS or FedEx account number.
Payment for Services Rendered

We are professional and accurate in the services we perform for our clients and expect to be compensated for those services. Whether the loan is funded or not is outside the scope of the service we render and as a result, we expect to be compensated (100%) on the signing we have been contracted to do. If your policy differs from this, please do not call us for a signing.

All invoices are net 30 days, this means we expect payment within 30 calendar days of the SIGNING DATE. Payments received beyond this date are considered delinquent. Loans typically fund, and the mortgage is recorded, within approximately 15 calendar days after the signing. We do report our client experience within a week of the invoice due date.
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